MixTagz Blank Set 3 Packs are for the “Do It Yourself’er” that wants to label things the way they want to. You can write on the with a permanent marker, a grease marker or use your label printer with clear label ribbons. The blank sets are also a great addition to one of our pre printed sets to further supplement special needs. Each set comes complete with our adhesive backed magnetic strips for your non magnetic surfaces.

Blank Set - 3 Pack

  • MixTagz Standard Specifications:

    3/4” in. Wide x .60 in. Tall
    10 Mil Thick Printed Polystyrene
    1.7 Mil Gloss Lamination
    30 Mil Thick Magnet Backing
    Blank Tagz Have Writable Surface
    Package Count - 60 MixTagz
    Magnetic Tape Strips for non magnetic surfaces included. 35 inches
    Lifetime Warranty*

    *Lifetime warranty applies to the MixTagz themselves. Magnetic tape is not included in the Lifetime Warranty. Warranty covers item against breakage or magnetic backing separating, not against theft or user error damage or abuse.

    **Actual Product may very